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The NLP Techniques Demonstration Video Collection

This invaluable NLP Resource is a set of 17 videos where Expert NLP Master Trainers Mark and Nicky Taylor demonstrate the following ‘traditional’ NLP techniques:

  1. Sensory Acuity
  2. Basic SubModalities Elicitation
  3. Contrastive Analysis
  4. Mapping Across
  5. SubModalities – Like to Dislike
  6. SubModalities – Belief Change
  7. Swish Pattern
  8. Perceptual Positions
  9. Basic Anchoring – Single Anchor
  10. Stacked Resource Anchor
  11. Collapse Anchors
  12. Chaining Anchors
  13. Eye Pattern Elicitation
  14. Strategy Elicitation
  15. Parts Integration
  16. Values Elicitation and Hierarchy
  17. Changing Values in Hierarchy


This resource is designed for anyone who is attending an NLP Trainers Training where they are required to demonstrate competence of demonstrating one of the NLP techniques from ‘traditional’ NLP or for the NLP Trainer, perhaps newly qualified, looking for guidance of how to present these techniques at an NLP Training or even the NLP Practitioner wishing to review the techniques of NLP to increase their competence.


The videos are professionally filmed in a studio to ensure that you see the techniques clearly demonstrated and are therefore able to reproduce the amazing results obtained, for yourself.

Invest in yourself for only £27.00


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