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An Introduction to Time Line Therapy ®

This training is a series of five audio files recorded by Master Time Line Therapy® Trainers Mark and Nicky Taylor where you will experience the basis of the amazing technique of Time Line Therapy®. 

You will learn and experience:

Audio 1 - Introduction

  • What Time Line Therapy® is
  • How Time Line Therapy® can release negative emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt
  • How Time Line Therapy® can allow you to release self sabotaging beliefs like I’m not good enough or I can’t make enough money
  • How Time Line Therapy® can change our perception of time to make sure that we are on time

Audio 2  - Time Line Elicitation

  • How to elicit your Time Line and use it for the first time

Audio 3 - Promethius

  • Experience using your Time Line to access positive resources
  • Access resources to become an exquisite learner

Audio 4 - Goal in Future

  • How to set SMART Goals that work for you
  • How to use your Time Line to put a goal in your future

Audio 5  - Summary

  • Next Steps

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